Ready to use: new generation X-ray Microscope for MAPEX

On 1st December 2016 the time had finally come, the long expected X-ray microscope (XRM), ZEISS Versa 520, arrived and was set-up in the LION building.

During the following two weeks, a team of ZEISS and MAPEX scientists and technicians completed the complex installation and calibration process. Since January 2017, the instrument is running and standard measurements are possible.

During the initial project phase, we offer to scan test samples of all MAPEX members in order to explore the capabilities and limits of the method with respect to our specific types of samples. Routine service operations for standard measurements will start in early summer 2017. Different types of in-situ equipment and diffraction contrast tomography will become available within the next months. The instrument is provided by the DFG within a major equipment initiative for XRMs. The corresponding project “In-situ studies of 3D microstructure evolution and spectroscopic imaging during processing and manufacturing of advanced materials.” is coordinated by the MAPEX speaker Lucio Colombi Ciacchi.

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