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(University of Notre Dame, USA) visiting Dr. Daniela Kerlé (FB4, Technische Thermodynamik)

12 August 2016 - 22 August 2016

My research stay in the group of Engineering Thermodynamics at the University of Bremen was very helpful and set the basics for possible collaborations in the future. During my visit, I had to the opportunity to present the work I have been conducting at Notre Dame regarding Monte Carlo algorithm development for simulations of phase equilibria. I received very valuable feedback about this method and how it can be improved. Specifically, I had very useful discussions with Dr. Kerlé and Dr. Rathke about microstructure formation in liquid phases that involve complex systems. This visit helped me to guide my research by giving me ideas of new simulation methodologies I could use. As a result, Dr. Kerlé and I plan to apply some of this methods in the future.

Eliseo Marin Rimoldi
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