Building 3D architectures from 2D Materials

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suelen Barg, Institute of Materials Resource Management (MRM), University of Augsburg.

The incorporation of 2D Materials into different matrixes, substrates, and architectures has the potential to enable an efficient delivery of functional and structural properties as compared to traditional materials solutions. Among 2D materials, graphene and MXenes are ideal candidates to tackle current energy and environmental issues due to their unique properties such as high electrical conductivity, easy of functionalization, added to scalability and compatibility with existing colloidal processing routes. This talk will present an overview of colloidal processing approaches towards 3D architectures built from 2D Materials, with an emphasis on challenges, opportunities, and examples where the potential of these materials and processes can be used in support of the energy transition. 

Suelen Barg is a professor at the Materials Resource Management Institute, University of Augsburg, leading a research group towards the development of advanced materials solutions based on ceramics and 2D Materials with a focus on sustainable and digital materials development. Prior to her current appointment, she was a senior lecturer and group leader at the University of Manchester, specializing on 2D Materials, particularly MXenes and their processing into functional devices.  She has obtained a doctoral degree in ceramics colloidal processing from the University of Bremen, followed by postdoctoral trainings in the areas of graphene-related 2D materials and bio-inspired composites at Imperial College London

Suelen Barg
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