FB03 - Open Educational Resources: Mathematisches Denken in Arithmetik und Geometrie

Fachbereich 3 - Prof. Dr. David Reid

Über das Projekt

Groups of students will make videos on selected topics from EM1/EMDG1a & EM2/EMDG2a, using the ZMML video studio. The videos will include explanations of key concepts, tasks for viewers to attempt, and solutions for the tasks. The videos will be integrated into ZMML’s EduWorkBuilder structure so that the tasks and written work done in the video can be downloaded. The project also includes development of a website that will host the videos as an open resource, as well as other resources such as course scripts, sets of homework tasks, and links to other resources available elsewhere. A special feature of the website, developed as a part of the project, will be solutions to selected tasks, available via an interactive system that will ensure the students have attempted the tasks themselves before having access to the solutions.


Prof. Dr. David Reid




FachbereichFB3 Grundschullehramt
Kurzbeschreibung des ProjektsOffene Bildungsmaterialien: Mathematisches Denken in Arithmetik und Geometrie
Laufzeitab Januar 2019
LehrendeProf. Dr. David Reid