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Overview: Statistical Methods in R

Veranstaltung 2020-01

Date: 16 + 17 January 2020

Time: 09.00-17.00

Venue:  SFG 1060

Trainer:Andreas Wygrabek, Kassel

If data is perceived as the oil of the 21. century, statistics is the refinery that transforms raw information to knowledge. The training ‘Overview about statistical Methods in R’ will provide a high-level overview about the field of statistics. It addresses researchers / scientists who are working on empirical, quantitative questions and want to refresh their statistical knowledge or get inspiration for ‚new‘ methods they can apply to their data.
During the training the methods discussed will be applied to suitable example data sets directly in R. Form multivariate statistics along to statistical testing, time series analytics and machine learning the training covers the main statistical subdisciplines without going deeply into the details of each method. Due to the density of topics, the training tends to be frontal and dispenses with exercises in favor of a comprehensive overview of the variety of methods.

Prerequisites for attendance: The attendees should have basic knowledge in R. This means that they should know the essential data types in R, they should know how to index data and how to apply functions.


  • Multivariate statistics
  • Time series analysis
  • Inferencial statistics (statistical testing)
  • Data Mining / Machine Learning


Please note: each participant is required to bring a laptop, with following software (latest versions!) installed:

  • R in current version
  • R-Studio in current version
  • Java (JRE) (otherwise some packages might not work)


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