"Global Interdependencies: What’s new in the human society of individuals?"

5.-8. Dezember 2018, Brüssel


The Research Centre in Political Science (CReSPo) and the Institute for European Studies (IEE) of Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles (USL-B) are organizing the next Elias conference in Brussels, Belgium, on 5–8 December 2018. The ZeMKI, University of Bremen, together with the Hans-Bredow-Insitute for Media Research, organizes the session: "The re-figuration of public communication in times of deep mediatization: Pioneer journalism, audience relationships and public connection".

As a consequence of ‘deep mediatization’ (Couldry/Hepp 2017) – the increasing entanglement of the social world with digital media and their infrastructures – public communication has fundamentally transformed. These changes can manifest themselves in negative ways such as metric-driven journalism, fake news, or silos of media use. But they have had positive manifestations such as investigative forms of data journalism. The idea of this session is to take a figurational approach to empirical research on public communication. We invite papers taking a figurational approach to following topics:

  • new forms of journalism, for example, data-driven or algorithmic journalism that emerge beyond the purview of established media organizations, disrupting journalism’s organizational figurations.
  • journalists’ relationships with their audiences as a figuration, that fundamentally transform with deep mediatization, a process that influences their work and output in many ways.
  • users’ public connection perceived as a communicative figuration, based on highly complex media repertoires.

Session organizers: Andreas Hepp, University of Bremen, ZeMKI, Uwe Hasebrink and Wiebke Loosen, Hans-Bredow-Institute Hamburg

Abstracts for papers of no more than 400 words should be submitted not later than 15 May 2018. Every effort will be made to accommodate contributions by all scholars who are making serious use of the ideas of Norbert Elias in their research. 

Submissions should be sent to the conference email address: EliasBrussels2018[at]gmail.com 

Fort further detail, see the conference website: https://eliasbrussels2018.wordpress.com  

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