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Design Thinking Basics

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The MAPEX Doctoral Qualification Programme supports doctoral candidates in acquring transversal skills and competenicies useful for future leading tasks inside and outside of academia. 

In cooperation with Jeroen Langejan from the startup center BRIDGE, we will offer a workshop on the basics of the Design Thinking Method.

Workshop Overview:

In the workshop we’ll cover various creativity techniques and guide you through a full design thinking cycle. You’ll work hands-on in small teams under time pressure on a fictitious problem. Design thinking is a practical and creative problem solving and innovation approach. It involves a human-centric, non-linear, iterative process that is especially useful to tackle complex or ill-defined problems. If you have little to no experience with design thinking and are interested to learn more, this is the right workshop for you!

Date / Location:

02.04.2024 –9:00 till 12:00 / AIB building–Room 1020/30


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Registration will be open for a maximum of 20 participants. No participation fees are charged.



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