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The major topics of our research, teaching, and transfer teams are the development, evaluation and communication of innovative techno-economic measures for design and control in maritime business, logistics, transport and distributed production. Moreover, quantitative and qualitative techno-economic evaluation procedures and decision support tools are being developed and applied in teaching, transfer and research projects in cooperation with business partners.

Selected topics are

  • Sustainable supply chains and supply chain management
  • Mesologistics in connection with site planning and development
  • Value engineering and value chain management
  • Port operations and hinterland connectivity
  • Logistics hubs and freight villages
  • Electromobility and cargo transportation
  • Distributed production systems, international transport networks and value added services
  • Innovative cluster structures and processes
  • Coopetitive collaboration between business stakeholders
  • Decentralized control of production and logistics systems
  • Cloud logistics, smart transportation, Industry 4.0 and demand chain management
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