Research in Film and History

  • Research in Film and History

    Peer-reviewed Open Access journal for film and history research

General Editor: Rasmus Greiner
Managing Editors: Delia González de Reufels, Winfried Pauleit

Editors: Mara Fritzsche, Delia González de Reufels, Rasmus Greiner, Winfried Pauleit, Christine Rüffert, Alina Fischer
Editorial Assistants: Lukas Holländer

Language: Englisch

ISSN 2627-5848

Research in Film and History is a fully peer-reviewed online journal which offers an international platform for cutting-edge debate, new approaches, and interdisciplinary perspectives on the intersection between film and history. The integration of video clips and, in the future, interactive elements makes the scientific argumentation audiovisually tangible. The magazine seeks submissions that explore thematic or methodological connections between the two disciplines through a theoretical, practical, or historical lens.

Research in Film and History is published twice a year with both themed and open issues. For the regular issues, it accepts submissions in response to specific calls for papers that are advertised via the journal website. Submissions are always open for longer articles for the “new approaches” section. There is no charge for authors to submit work to or publish in Research in Film and History. In order to make international debates and recent research available to a wider audience, the magazine has a non-commercial open access policy.

Research in Film and History is edited by ZeMKI members Dr. Rasmus Greiner (general editor), Prof. Dr. Delia González de Reufels and Prof. Dr. Winfried Pauleit (managing editors). The International Advisory Board consists of international experts from eight countries. The magazine was founded in 2018 as part of the research project “Audiovisual Histospheres” (Dr. Rasmus Greiner, University of Bremen), which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research initiative “Kleine Fächer – große Potentiale” (Small Subjects – Big Potential). It received additional funding from the University’s Central Research Development Fund (CRDF) as part of the pioneer project „Audio History of Film“, and is currently funded by the ZeMKI.

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