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Lead: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter

ZeMKI Lab "Information Management and Media Technology"

Funded by the German Federal Institut for Vocational Education and Training

On behalf of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), ifib is working with the Institute for Technology and Education (ITB) to draw up a synopsis on IT and media skills for young people at the transition from school to work.

Although various research projects focus on promoting media literacy in training, it is currently unclear what IT and media literacy skills future trainees will have and what minimum training requirements will be placed on them in this context.

The aims of the synopsis are (1) to define and clarify the terms media and IT competence, since there is currently no uniform understanding of the terms. Rather, the terms are often used synonymously, although they have different meanings. Furthermore (2) the relevant studies of the past five years on the IT and media competence of pupils at the end of general school are analysed in order to compile the expected and actual IT and media competences of young people. Finally (3) the identified media and IT competences are regarded as key competences of future trainees with the aim of systematising and clearly highlighting the expectations and requirements in the context of training.

ifib contributes to the project its experiences in the field of media education and media competence development at general schools, ITB occupies the area of vocational education and training.

: Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter
Prof. Dr.

Andreas Breiter

Institution: Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research of the University of Bremen (ZeMKI)

Building/room: ECO5 3.91
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Phone: +49-421-218-56571
Phone: +49-421-218-56571
Phone: +49-421-218-56571
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E-Mail: abreiterprotect me ?!informatik.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
E-Mail: abreiterprotect me ?!informatik.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de