Tenure Track Professorships

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Tenure Track Professorships

The University of Bremen provides optimal conditions for research and teaching for outstanding scientists. Here, the university uses its experience from the so-called “junior professorship - Bremen perspective", which has been replaced by the professorship with tenure option since 2018. Professorships with tenure option are always advertised with a guarantee for tenure after a positive evaluation. The appointment procedures are transparent and quality-assured with the participation of external and international expertise. Professors with tenure option conduct appointment and endowment negotiations and are endowed with all the rights and duties of a professorship. To ensure that the evaluation is transparent, criteria and expectations are firmly agreed upon in an evaluation agreement. Transition to a tenured professorship requires successful evaluation according to criteria clearly and transparently defined at the time of appointment. The General Criteria of the Tenure Board for Evaluation Agreements are put in concrete terms taking into account subject-specific and internationally customary evaluation standards.

The Tenure Board of the University of Bremen

Since 2018, the Tenure Board has been a standing committee established by the Academic Senate of the University of Bremen and is responsible for all professorship with tenure option at the University of Bremen. All twelve faculties of the University are represented in the Tenure Board.[more]

Procedural Information

Here you find further information like the guidelines and templates on interim evaluation and evaluation of professorships with tenure option in German language (internal area, log-in required). We are currently working on translations into English language.

The Tenure-Track Programme of the BMBF

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), together with the federal states, initiated the programme for the promotion of emerging scientists. The University of Bremen has acquired seven tenure-track professorships in each of the two funding phases. The BMBF's portal provides information on the tenure-track programme, the funded projects, and current job postings for the tenure-track professorships funded in the programme.