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Introduction to R

Veranstaltung 2020-34


Date: 1 - 3 July 2020,  9:00 -12:00 each day + 15:00-18:00 on July 1st

Trainer: Andreas Wygrabek, Kassel

Arbeitsplatz mit Laptop, Zettel und Stift.

With the training the participants will master the basics of the open source programming language R, designed for statistical applications andvisualizations. In academic as well as in industry, R has become a widely used tool for all tasks connected to data-management and statistics. A static growth in popularity, a strong community and more than 8000 add on packages make R a sustainable and powerful choice to step into the landscape of analytics.

During the training the participants will learn all relevant steps to use R for own research projects. Within a well designed didactic scenario the training balances theoretical fundamentals of R and demonstrative examples by using real-world datasets. During the training the participants will create a script that will serve them as a sustainable reference for the main principles and functions of R. An extensive handout will be provided.

List of contents:

  • Concept and philosophy of R, CRAN-Mirror
  • Help Sources
  • Organizing Projects in R
  • Object types in R / Operators
  • Syntatical Basics: Defining Functions, Loops, Control-Structures, Pipe-Operator
  • Import / export data
  • Selecting / Filtering
  • Data-Management (attribute assigning, aggregations, transformations, conditional transformations)
  • Modern Technologies for Data-Management (tidyverse, dplyr)
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Creating tables
  • Basis data analysis
  • Data visualizations in R

Prerequisites for your particiption: no previous knowledge of R, but your PC/notebook must have the following software installed

  • R in current version
  • R-Studio in current version
  • Java (JRE) (otherwise some packages might not work)

The online seminar is fully booked. Registration is no longer possible.