The Writing Toolbox

Veranstaltung 2023-18


Date: 23.05.2023, 9:00 - 13:00

Venue: online

Trainer: Dr. Pranay Sanklecha


Image showing Pencils, Markers and Scissors

The Writing Toolbox will give you many different tools that can help you write better, more easily, and with more enjoyment.

The idea behind The Writing Toolbox is that there are multiple reasons writing can be difficult. One method, one solution, is never going to work for everyone.

What we’ll do in this workshop is get together as a group and understand the shared writing challenges that we face. We’ll then collectively investigate and understand those shared challenges. And then we’ll directly address those challenges by providing and practicing solutions.

You will leave the workshop with knowledge and skills that immediately help you with your writing projects.


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A photo of Dr. Pranay Sanklecha.

Trainer: Dr. Pranay Sanklecha

I’m Pranay Sanklecha. At 15, I was admitted to read PPE at Oxford. Since then I’ve been a schoolteacher, a commodities trader, a writer, a cook, a restaurant owner and, most recently, a professor of philosophy.
As an academic philosopher, I worked in political and moral philosophy, on topics such as climate justice, intergenerational justice, individual and collective responsibility and, most recently, on the meaning of life and the search for purpose.
I’ve published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and I’ve also edited scholarly volumes for university presses (e.g. CUP). I’ve also written for a wide variety of popular publications on a number of topics. And I’ve supervised many students in their writing projects. All that experience, the failures as much as the successes, have given me both an understanding of the problems people face in their writing projects and the skills necessary to help them overcome those problems. 

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