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Trademark Textiles A/S

Trademark Textiles A/S produces, designs and sells textile accessories for well-known fashion brands in Europe. Our production is placed mainly in the Far East, where we have around 25 employees. All other departments, Purchase, Sales, Design, Finance and HR, are placed in Kolding, Southern Denmark, where we are 45 employees.
Even if the company is Danish owned, it's very international: Currently we have 8 different nationalities in Kolding. Therefore, we also speak English every day. From Kolding we take care of development and production of products in cooperation with our customers, based on great product- and production knowledge and knowledge of new trends.
In our company we are looking for bachelor and/or master students or newly graduated mainly from business/management areas. Since the company is growing, we are always in search for dedicated and skilled employees who want to develop our business and themselves on a personal level as well. With a lot of traveling to the Far East and in Europe, a structured development program and on-the-job-training with experienced colleagues we offer the best conditions!


Ebene 3, Stand 11

Textile – Purchase/Sales/Trading; 45 employees in Denmark; 25 in the Far East

Lilly Falsig

Birkemosevej 9A
6000 Kolding, Denmark

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