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2nd Crowdworking Symposium - „Ability - Motivation - Opportunities for Digital Work“

On July 9-10 2020 the University of Paderborn hosts the 2nd Crowdworking Symposium which provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for research on crowdworking.

The symposium is organized by the research program “Digital Future” – a joint project of the Universities of Paderborn and Bielefeld and Lars Hornuf’s DFG funded project "Crowdsourcing as a new form of organizing labor relations".

Researchers in various fields including economics business administration human resource management in- formation systems computer science sociology psychology innovation and law are invited to submit an ex- tended abstract. Several sessions provide scholars with the opportunity to present their academic research ontopics related to the emerging fields of crowdsourcing crowd work cloud work gig work online freelancing and other forms of on-demand labor. Presenters will receive valuable feedback from fellow researchers.

A keynote will be provided by Alessandro Bozzon Professor and Chair of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) Delft University of Technology: “Challenges and Opportunities in Knowledge Crowdsourcing“.

Call for Paper

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