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© TU Berlin/PR/Ulrich Dahl

University Mourns Former Rector Professor Alexander Wittkowsky 

The University of Bremen mourns the death of former Rector Alexander Wittkowsky. He passed away on February 14, 2018 at the age of 81. Wittkowsky was Rector of the University of Bremen from 1977 to 1982. 

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Papier wird bearbeitet
© Thomas Steinle / SuUB

Crystal Clear: Papyri in the SuUB Get a New Look

The State and University Library Bremen (SuUB) has a collection of 84 papyri. Now the precious documents on the antique writing material – a forerunner of the paper we know today – are having the glass in their display frames replaced. Over the next few weeks, visitors to the library can learn about

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Situation im Labor, Mann schaut durch Datenbrille
© Mahidol University

Bremen Scientists Open Joint Research Lab with Partners in Bangkok

The Faculty of Mathematics / Computer Science at the University of Bremen has been cooperating with the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies of Mahidol University in Bangkok for some time. Now they have established a joint research laboratory in Thailand.

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© den-belitsky -

Mat4Rail: EU Research Project on the Railway of the Future

Researchers from the University of Bremen and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials Research (IFAM) are involved in the EU program Mat4Rail. Together with 16 partners from seven European countries, they are working on new developments in railway technology.

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Frau an Laptop mit Kind
© Konstantin Yuganov /

“konstruktiv”: Flexibility is trumps!

They have jobs or want to study despite family responsibilities; they are returnees or have university degrees awarded abroad: Some examples of the people addressed by the “konstruktiv” project of the University of Bremen since 2014. Thanks to renewed funding, the project can now be continued.

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Lecture hall with students and speaker
© Alina Kegel / MPI

The First Bremen Ocean Day at the University of Bremen

Around 500 senior high-school students attended the first Bremer Ocean Day. This meant the event held at the University of Bremen in the auditorium building on the Uni Boulevard was fully booked. Expert researchers held four lectures to bring their work to life.

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© Frank Jahnke/Universität Bremen

Researching the LED Wallpaper of the Future

Physicists from the University of Bremen have made a major breakthrough in understanding novel atomic thin materials that can be used, for example, to affix efficient flexible displays on curved surfaces. The results were recently published by the renowned journal “Nature Communications".

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© Tim Schuetz

Neighborhood guides – with everything the elderly need!

In the frame of an EU project that specifically targets elderly citizens, the Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib) at the University of Bremen has come up with a digital neighborhood guide: Among other things, it displays walking paths, benches and meeting points.

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Uni-Logo an der Glashalle
© Michael Ihle/Universität Bremen

Two new Humboldt Scholarships

The University of Bremen is pleased to welcome two new guest researchers from Russia: The research stays for Professor Galina Zelenina and Dr. Roman Frolov are being funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The foundation promotes international cooperation among excellent researchers.

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Zwei Männer lächeln in die Kamera
© Universität Bremen

„Nœrdman“ explains the internet

“Nœrdman” explains the world of the internet to his environment: What are Instagram and Snapchat? Is Google the internet? The “Nœrdman” is a cartoon character who combines a passion for technology with North German humor. Every Monday, a new comic about technology, nerds and the north appears.

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Containerterminal Bremerhaven

“Workmate robot” Helps to Empty Sea Containers

Emptying a huge container box entails hard work – a job still mostly done hand. Together with partners in industry, the BIBA – Bremen Institute für Production and Logistics at the University of Bremen has come up with a novel robot that will be able to take over the task in future. By now they are...

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All about studying

Program Offerings

More than 100 bachelor's and master's degree programs, a state law exam, international and continuing education courses – so if you decide to study at the University of Bremen, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. If you already have a good idea about what you want to study, you can search for the right study program in Database Studies. There you will find information on all the study programs offered by the University of Bremen, sorted alphabetically and according to various criteria.

If you are still undecided in your choice of subject, get help from the Central Student Advisory Service. They will help you turn your still vague ideas into a clear study profile. For a first orientation, however, we have divided the study programs available into eight study and occupational fields to help you narrow down the field.


Teaching profile

Research-based learning offers all students the opportunity to actively shape the learning experience. The University of Bremen offers a wide range of subjects encompassing many different knowledge cultures. From this diversity emerges a study culture of mutual esteem which enables vibrant and successful studies.


The online Course Catalog lists courses and lectures sorted by subject areas (Faculties) and degree programs, as well as cross-departmental offers. Within the frame of UniStart, freshers can attend university courses in preparation for their studies; to orient themselves on campus or to make contact with fellow students.

Advice and Orientation

The first point of contact for information about studying is the Central Student Advisory Service. Subject-specific questions can be clarified in the study centers or with the program advisers. Taster offers (look-ins) and the Information Day for Prospective Students (website in German only) provide opportunities to get to know the University of Bremen a little better.

Studium international

Our campus breathes life into diversity.  2,200 people from all five continents study here. More than 600 international cooperation partners form our worldwide network. Many Faculties offer international degree courses. Prospective international students can look forward to a diverse range of academic and cultural offers.

All about research

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