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rauchender Vulkan
© Martin Meschede

Research Unit: How Do Volcanoes Influence the Climate?

How do volcanic eruptions affect the atmosphere and climate? This is what scientists from seven research institutes in Germany are investigating. The Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen is one of them. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation – DFG)

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Two women and two men looking at their smartphones
© Rawpixel/Unsplash

Three New DFG Projects on Media Change

The ZeMKI of the University of Bremen and the Hans-Bredow-Institut for Media Research in Hamburg are receiving funding from the DFG for three new projects. The researchers will be asking, among other things, how journalism and its relationship with the public are changing.

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Schüler sitzen vor Computern
© fotolia/

Joint Project: How Is School Data Recorded and Used?

When it comes to digitization, digital data is increasingly being produced in schools. The Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib) at the University of Bremen is coordinating a three-year joint project investigating its use. It is financed by the Federal Government with 1.2 million euros.

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Vier Personen vor einem Bild
© Harald Rehling/Universität Bremen

Why Glaciers in the Alps Are Now Only Dead Ice

“Glaciers are the icons of climate change.” This is what Professor Ben Marzeion says in the small kunstmix gallery in Schnoor. Here, science meets art for the first time. The geographer explains his research and is surrounded by photomontages by Swiss artist Franziska Rutz.

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Frau überreicht einem Urkunde
© Universität Bremen

2018 DAAD Prize for Student Teacher Samuel Xavier

This year, the DAAD prize, endowed with 1,000 euros, goes to student teacher Samuel Xavier from Brazil. The award recognizes students or graduates of the university for outstanding achievements in their studies and also in their social environment.

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urwald, rodung, abholzung, profitgier, gier, tropenholz, aufforstung, nachhaltig, papierrecycling, recycling, nachhaltigkeit, klimawandel, erneuerbar, energie, umweltschutz, erde, welt, erdkugel, schützen, bio, menschheit, umwelbewusstsein, kugel, grün, global, globus, die grünen, öko bewegung, nabu, organismus, erziehung, transparent, pflanzen, öko, bewusstsein, bewegung, natur, biobauer, recyclingpapier, glas, papier, problem, lebendig
© C. Schuessler

UNESCO Accolade for Sustainability Initiatives

The Virtual Academy of Sustainability and the Hochschule an Nachhaltigkeit – HOCH-N (sustainability at higher education institutions – HOCH-N) network at the university have been recognized by the German Commission for UNESCO (DUK) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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Wirtschaftsprofessor Lars Hornuf
© privat

Digital Financial Actors: Data Protection Inadequate

Eine Studie unter Beteiligung des Wirtschaftswissenschaftlers Lars Hornuf der Universität Bremen zum Thema Datenschutz bei FinTech-Unternehmen zeigt, dass sich der Umgang mit Nutzerdaten seit Inkrafttreten der DSGVO in vielen Fällen verschlechtert hat.

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Orchestra and choir rehearse for the end-of-semester concert

The university orchestra and choir are currently rehearsing intensively for the final semester concert, which will take place in Bremen Cathedral on 27 January 2019 - the day of commemoration of the victims of National Socialism. This time the contemplative and moving oratorio "A Child of Our Time"

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Satellit und Erde im Weltall

Second Chance for Galileo Satellite

In August 2014, two Galileo satellites did not reach the planned height. This was a stroke of luck for ZARM scientists at the University of Bremen who are researching Einstein’s theory of relativity. The results have now been published in the Physical Review Letters.

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Physikprofessor Justus Notholt lässt es ordentlich knallen
© Universität Bremen

Christmas Physics Event for the Whole Family

The Faculty of Physics of the University of Bremen invites guests to the Physik zum Advent show. On Saturday, December 15, at 11 a.m. university scientists will present physical phenomena in mechanical science, acoustics, and electrical science in a short and relaxed format. Admission is free.

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markstones Institute Established: Marketing Characterized by New Technologies

Professors Christoph Burmann, Maik Eisenbeiß, and Kristina Klein, together with their teams, have founded a new institute in the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics at the University of Bremen. The three marketing experts have called it markstones Institute of Marketing, Branding and Technology.

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Mann im Kittel macht Experiment mit Flamme
© Universität Bremen

Christmas at the University Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry department once again invites you to attend a traditional Christmas lecture. The event with Dr. Stephan Leupold, Katharina Schneider, and Anne-Marie Lilje starts in the large lecture hall C1, building NW 2, block C, in Leobener Strasse on December 6 at 4 p.m. Admission is free.

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Mann lächelt in Kamera
© privat

Professor Hans Joas Is the Guest of the Fourth Senghaas Lecture

The guest of the fourth Senghaas Lecture of the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies is Professor Hans Joas from Berlin. He will reflect on the subject of postnational imperialism. The lecture will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, in the Haus der Wissenschaft.

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richtung, entscheidung, richtig, falsch, pfeil, pfeile, straße, strategie, konzept, concept, idee, voran, motivation, entscheiden, auskunft, auslese, auswählen, führung, leitfaden, linke, recht, reisen, routen, straßen, symbol, tipp, way, wegweiser, zeichen, links, rechts, ausbildung, beruf, bewerben, business, familie, fortbildung, fragend, gelegenheit, geradeaus, geschäftsmann, herausforderung, hinweis, hinweisschild, information, job, karriere konzept, kreuzung, lebensplanung, lösung
© Marco2811 -

Center for Decision Research Launches

The University of Bremen is expanding its research expertise and establishing the Center for Decision Research together with Jacobs University. The institute is meant to combine science and application-oriented tasks. The ceremonial opening takes place on November 30 in the Haus der Wissenschaft.

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Europaflagge im Wind
© pict rider/

New Study Shows “Trump Effect” in Europe

Donald Trump’s victory in the election for the 45th president of the USA has strengthened the support of Europeans for the European Union. This is the result of a study that now features as an article in a special issue of the US magazine Perspectives on Politics.

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© ChonnieArtwork/

China Introduces “Vocational Education and Training PISA” Developed at the University of Bremen

A test procedure developed by the TVET Research Group at the University of Bremen (I:BB) is now being introduced nationwide in China. The Chinese Ministry of Education regards the COMET method – also known as “Vocational Education and Training PISA” – as a key quality assurance project.

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Eingangstüren zu Schwimmbad
© Kai Uwe Bohn / Universität Bremen

University and Indoor Pools Closed due to Sabotage

Due to a suspected act of sabotage, the entire university and indoor pool facility have to remain closed for the next few days; the police are investigating. Bremer Bäder GmbH and the Verein für Hochschulsport will announce on their websites in the near future when the swimming pools can open again.

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A student at the computer.
© Matej Meza/Universität Bremen

BMBF–Joint Research Project on Video-Based Learning

The University of Bremen is a partner in a research project on digitization in higher education. The Bremen project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with around 845,000 euros.

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Menschen hissen vor Zuschauern eine rote Fahne auf dem Balkon eines Rathauses.
© Staatsarchiv Bremen

New Dramatic Reading: The Revolution of 1918/19 in Bremen

A hundred years ago, not only did World War I end, but the first German democracy was born. This time of upheaval is the focus of the new dramatic reading from the series “From the Files to the Stage.” The premiere is on November 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Theater am Leibnizplatz, Bremen.

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Übergabe der Urkunde im Umweltschutz
© Sascha Hilgers / Bundesumweltministerium

University Honored for Exemplary Environmental Protection

Federal Minister Svenja Schulze has honored the university as one of 15 organizations for its exemplary environmental protection. On the occasion of a conference, a corresponding certificate was recently awarded to environmental manager Dr. Doris Sövegjarto-Wigbers.

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All about studying

Program Offerings

More than 100 bachelor's and master's degree programs, a state law exam, international and continuing education courses – so if you decide to study at the University of Bremen, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. If you already have a good idea about what you want to study, you can search for the right study program in Database Studies. There you will find information on all the study programs offered by the University of Bremen, sorted alphabetically and according to various criteria.

If you are still undecided in your choice of subject, get help from the Central Student Advisory Service. They will help you turn your still vague ideas into a clear study profile. For a first orientation, however, we have divided the study programs available into eight study and occupational fields to help you narrow down the field.


Teaching profile

Research-based learning offers all students the opportunity to actively shape the learning experience. The University of Bremen offers a wide range of subjects encompassing many different knowledge cultures. From this diversity emerges a study culture of mutual esteem which enables vibrant and successful studies.


The online Course Catalog lists courses and lectures sorted by subject areas (Faculties) and degree programs, as well as cross-departmental offers. Within the frame of UniStart, freshers can attend university courses in preparation for their studies; to orient themselves on campus or to make contact with fellow students.

Advice and Orientation

The first point of contact for information about studying is the Central Student Advisory Service. Subject-specific questions can be clarified in the study centers or with the program advisers. Taster offers (look-ins) and the Information Day for Prospective Students (website in German only) provide opportunities to get to know the University of Bremen a little better.

Studium international

Our campus breathes life into diversity.  2,200 people from all five continents study here. More than 600 international cooperation partners form our worldwide network. Many Faculties offer international degree courses. Prospective international students can look forward to a diverse range of academic and cultural offers.

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