Corona Update FB11

The spread of infections with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the increase in the number of people suffering from COVID-19 pose enormous challenges for society, the health system, politics and science. To slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2, federal and state governments have introduced comprehensive regulations. These include restrictions such as the closure of educational institutions. The University of Bremen and thus Department 11 have also been in emergency operation since March, 24th 2020.

As researchers and lecturers of the Department 11 Human and Health Sciences and the Health Sciences Research Centre of the University of Bremen, we would like to use this homepage to provide information and further links on the corona pandemic and the efforts to contain the spread and reduce its negative consequences. The homepage is aimed at employees and students of FB 11 and the University, and also at those who are concerned with the consequences of the corona pandemic in practice, politics, administration, science and in their living environment.

We maintain and update this homepage regularly. However, it is not possible to include all the latest information and new developments in a timely manner. Please always use the information provided by the relevant federal and state authorities, the Robert Koch Institute and your regional health authorities.

Contact:  Coronasupport-FB11