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Research-based learning – ForstA at department 11

ForstA is the German abbreviation for “Forschend studieren von Anfang an” (research-based learning from the outset), a program of the Federal Government and the Länder in which the University of Bremen was awarded nine million euros by the Ministry for Education and Research in the frame of “Quality Pact Teaching”.  Between 2012 and 2016, the University uses this money to support various projects developed by its Faculties in the context of research-based learning and heterogeneity of students.

Introduction of the packages of measures

In 2013, Faculty 11 started a new offer called FB11-Spektrum: Einblicke in Psychology, Nursing Science and Public Health for freshers in the frame of Orientation Week. This year FB 11-Spektrum is on Thursday October 10.

The aim of FB11-Spektrum is via a peer-to-peer concept to give students an opportunity to gain information on research topics and findings in their chosen field and at the same time to take an look at the topics dealt with in other study programs in Faculty 11.

The event features poster presentations as well as (plenary) lectures, interactive presentations and discussions on projects in all three B.A. study programs. There are also presentations of both practical as well as research projects funded in the frame of ForstA Mainstay 2. 

Measure packagesDelegate: Dr. Nadine Ochmann

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Einladung 2017


Introduction of occupational fields

The department offers in Uni Start several Introductions of the occupational fields Public Health and Psychology.  

Measure packagesDelegate: Beate Heitzhausen

Faculty 11 strives to integrate project studies along the lines of the so-called Bremen Model into new study structures. Surveys, other measures and discussion processes clearly show that members of teaching faculty and students alike are keen to have teaching more closely interwoven with the communication of key objectives.

Up to 2015, Faculty 11 had been granted five of the 18 projects the University was able to support in the frame of the five-year ForstA-Project:

1. B.A. Public Health/Health Sciences: Learning research-based in Health promotion & prevention

Implementation of projects in the Modules 34 A and B (Methods I & II)

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Henning Schmidt-Semisch, funding period: 1.07.2012 – 31.12.2013

2. B.A. Public Health/Health Sciences: Virtual companies – a flexible and innovative form of learning for students under heterogeneous life circumstances 

The creation of “virtual companies” in two seminars on corporate health management.

Project leader: Tobias Bernhardt M.A., funding period: 1.07.2013 - 31.12.2014

3. B.A. Nursing Science (cooperative training program): Research-based learning between the poles of nursing schools and nursing science

Improvements to the introductory studies phase in the Module “Academic Work and Integrity from the Perspective of Research-based Learning”, carried out in cooperation with vocational nursing schools.

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Darmann-Finck, funding period: 1.07.2014 - 31.12.2015

4. B.Sc. Psychology: 1. “Nichts über uns ohne uns”:

Establishing participative inclusion-research in Module 7, B.Sc. Psychology

Project leader: Katharina Georgi, funding period: 1.07.2015 - 31.12.2016

5. B.Sc. Psychology: Reform of the introductory studies phase in B.Sc. Psychology

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Karina Karolina De Santis, funding period: 1.07.2015 - 31.12.2016

Since April 2012, the Study Center in Faculty 11 has been working on developing the profile and transparency of General Studies in FB 11. The target group comprises the approx. 1,180 B.A. students in the Faculty. Students on the Faculty’s three study programs can freely choose courses in General Studies and be awarded 6 or 12 CP respectively.

In all, five General Studies modules were identified in which Faculty 11 perceives a stronger need to communicate key competences:

  • Methods
  • Communication
  • Reflection on job profiles
  • Gender & diversity
  • International competences

Via establishing the heading General Studies and Key Competences in FB 11 in the Course Catalog as of winter semester 13/14, it was possible to create a transparent and systematic presentation of General Studies. Now the Faculty‘s ForstA-funded course offerings and selected central offerings are sorted and listed according to topic.

Measure packagesDelegate: Dr. Nadine Ochmann

Meetings took place among the persons responsible for the module “Academic Integrity” in the three study programs to discuss targeted support in the area of academic writing and develop concepts for subsequent coaching. The topic was also put on the agenda of Semestergipfel 2013, where it was discussed at length among the teaching faculty and students in FB 11.

There is ongoing demand for the Faculty‘s presentation coaching. Since winter semester 2013/14, student coaches who received training in coaching in presentation/moderation in the Study Workshop offer 2 two-hour information sessions under the title University Presentations every winter semester.  There is also a low-threshold counseling offer in the form of regular meetings for individual and small-group coaching. The target group comprises freshers who find out about the offer in the frame of Orientation Week. 

So far, writing coaches were active in the study programs B.A. Public Health/Health Sciences and the B.A. Nursing Sciences – dual, with measures embedded in the module "Academic Work and Integrity ".

Measure packagesDelegate: Dr. Nadine Ochmann


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Präsentations-Sprechstunden im Fachbereich 11, WiSe 2017/18