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Chair of General Business and Logistics Management

Leitung und Themen

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kotzab

General Business


Supply Chain Management


The article “Omni-Channel Retailing Research – State of the art and intellectual foundation”, published in the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, has been selected by the editorial team as "Highly Commended" in the 2019 Emerald Literati Awards. The article was written in collaboration with Erdem Galipoglu, Christoph Teller, Isik Özge Yumurtaci Hüseyinoglu und Jens Pöppelbuß.

The article can be downloaded for free in the next six months via the following link:

The following four books are among the 25 % of the most frequently downloaded e-books by Springer Verlag in 2018:

1. Dynamics in Logistics: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference LDIC, 2014 Bremen, Germany (In collaboration with Jürgen Pannek and Klaus-Dieter Thoben)

2. Dynamics in Logistics: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference LDIC, 2016 Bremen, Germany (In collaboration with Michael Freitag and Jürgen Pannek)

3. Logistics Management: Products, Actors, Technology - Proceedings of the German Academic Association for Business Research, Bremen, 2013 (In collaboration with Jan Dethloff, Hans-Dientrich Haasis and Jörn Schönberger)

4. Comprehensive Logistics (In collaboration with Timm Gudehus)

The book can be downloaded for free via the following link:

The publication “Antecedents of Truck Drivers' Job Satisfaction and Retention Proneness” is one of the most downloaded articles of the Journal of Business Logistics in the years 2017/2018. The article was written in collaboration with Günter Prockl, Christoph Teller and Rob Angell.

The article can be downloaded via the following link:


Eight Edition of the Textbook "Logistikwissen Kompakt"

Eight Edition of the Textbook "Logistikwissen Kompakt"

The textbook teaches the basics of supply chain management and IT-based logistics. The focus is on distribution systems for consumer goods, warehouse management and package and express services; strategies for outsourcing and logistics controlling complete the book.

Second Edition of the Textbook "Comprehensive Logistics"

Second Edition of the Textbook "Comprehensive Logistics"

Modern logistics comprises operative logistics, analytical logistics and management of logistic networks. Central task of operative logistics is the efficient supply of required goods at the right place within the right time. Tasks of analytical logistics are designing optimal networks and systems, developing strategies for planning, scheduling and operation, and organizing efficient order and performance processes. Logistic management plans, implements and operates logistic networks and schedules orders, stocks and resources.

This reference-book offers a unique survey of modern logistics. It contains proven strategies, rules and tools for the solution of a multitude of logistic problems. The analytically derived algorithms and formulas can be used for the computer-based planning of logistic systems and for the dynamic scheduling of orders and resources in supply networks. They enable significant improvements of performance, quality and costs. Their application is demonstrated by several examples from industry, trade and service providers.

Logistics Management

This book gathers papers presented at the Logistik-Management-Konferenz 2013, which was organized by the VHB Wissenschaftliche Kommission Logistik and held in Bremen, Germany. The papers reflect the current state-of-the-art in logistics and supply chain management, focusing on environmental sustainability in logistics and supply chain network dynamics and control. The target audience primarily consists of researchers and practitioners in the field, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.