About the survey:

As part of our research, we carry out a survey on "Transnational Social Dialogue in times of the pandemic". Hereby, we would like to scrutinize actions of transnational solidarity by actors of the social dialogue on different levels in the context of European working relations.

If you are member of a (European) works council or represent a national/European trade union or employer associations, or have otherwise been involved into the social dialogue during the outbreak of the pandemic and onwards, please share your experiences by participating in our survey. you can find the survey here!

Hinweis Survey


The aim of the survey is to collect data on the interaction within the social dialogue during the pandemic crisis from 2020 to 2022. We want to scrutinize whether the interaction among actors of the social dialogue has changed (decreased/increased), on which level interaction has taken place and how this interaction has taken place. Furthermore, we want to understand whether and how relevant topics, such as digitalization, gender equality or work-life balance have been on the agenda of the European social dialogue.

Target group:

Our target group comprises relevant actors of the European social dialogue. We adress trade unions and employers associations at the European level as well as companies that do have structures/agreements on the European level (European Works Council, Transnational Company Agreement).