Reform Funding

Reform funding for teaching and learning

Following a resolution of the Academic Senate (No. 6036/1993), the University of Bremen allocates funds for reform projects in teaching. In particular, funding is available for projects aiming to empirically test improved forms of teaching and learning, which can be transferred to other areas and, if successful, can be transferred to the regular study program following the centrally financed phase of development and testing.



These general objectives can be achieved or promoted through a variety of different measures:

  • Improvement to study orientation and counseling
  • Improvement to structuring studies
  • Transparency of the program offerings
  • Further development of program content
  • Improving the training of teaching faculty
  • Further development of teaching and learning formats
  • Evaluation of the structure of teaching and learning
  • Empirical studies on study and learning conditions
  • Empirical studies on the general situation of students
  • Gender-specific measures
  • General help in special cases.


The measures and projects financed by these funds are intended to provide assistance for successful completion of studies, to promote students’ willingness to complete their studies in good time, to improve the didactic competencies of students, and thus to facilitate their entry into the fields of work and employment.

Following prior consultation on the availability of funds, applications (informal) can be submitted to Dr. Stefanie Grote at the Teaching and Learning Unit. Applications for funding should include:

  • Description of the project
  • Description of the intended evaluation of the results
  • Possible transferability of the results to other areas / Faculty
  • Budget plan including list of costs to be assumed by the degree program / Faculty

A brief approval of the project by the Dean’s Office must be attached. A short report is to be submitted on completion of the measure / project.


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