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Special points for international students

What is meant by Bildungsinländer and Bildungsausländer?

Bildungsinländer are students who have obtained their university entrance qualification in Germany.
Bildungsausländer, on the other hand, obtained their university entrance qualification abroad.

How can I obtain the certificate as a Bildungsausländer?

The intercultural certificate is open to all students. For international students, some modules are adapted to their university status.

1. The compulsory module “Intercultural Training” is equally attended by all students, regardless of their status. It is therefore offered in both English and German.

2. As a Bildungsausländer one can complete the elective module A “experience abroad” in Germany. The time specifications remain the same.

3. In addition to the active design of programs of the International Office and membership in University groups or the student union, your participation in their events can also be considered as an intercultural commitment in elective module B. Scoring depends on duration and intensity.

4. In elective module C “Intercultural Continuing Education”, as a Bildungsauslaender you can gain points through Germany-related seminars and lectures. German courses and other language courses are credited for the certificate.


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