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Senior Researcher and Senior Lecturer

Newly introduced are scientifically independent and permanent positions for nonprofessorial academic staff , which can only be achieved through a tenure procedure. A prerequisite is a structural planning, which defines scientific fields of work. The positions can either focus on teaching (lecturer) or research (researcher). The career path always begins with a public and international job advertisement and a transparent selection procedure by a scientific selection committee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The new staff structure is intended to attract young international researchers to Bremen and to offer them - as well as own talents - a perspective in the science system. The career path aimes at scientists with initial postdoctoral experience, i.e. in the early postdoctoral phase.

Yes. In June 2017 the new personnel categories were introduced to the Bremen Higher Education Act (BremHG) by an amendment. The Academic Senate of the University of Bremen has approved the regulations for the selection process and for the evaluation in February 2018.

According to § 24 BremHG, the prerequisites for employment are a university degree and, as a rule, a doctorate or PhD. Further requirements regarding scientific qualifications can be found in the calls for applications.

Senior Researcher and Senior Lecturer have no staff. Access to laboratories and other resources is possible. A small budget for material resources is provided. These points are part of the department-specific concepts and ensured before the job vacancy is released.

The teaching responsibilities are four weekly hours per semester in the position as Researcher and eight weekly hours per semester in the position as Lecturer. After successful evaluation the teaching obligation for the permanent position Senior Researcher is nine weekly hours and twelve weekly hours for Senior Lecturer.


There is no direct career path in the sense of a tenure track, but Senior Lecturers and Senior Researcher can regularly apply for professorships.

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Cathleen Grimsen

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E-Mail: hrs4rprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
E-Mail: hrs4rprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
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