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Tenure-Track & Junior-Professorships

Academic Career Paths: Professorships

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The University of Bremen creates optimal conditions for research and teaching for outstanding scientists. Through its junior professorship model, called "Bremen Perspective", the university has already gained experience in recent years and is now using this experience to introduce and design a genuine tenure-track professorship in the long term. Tenure track professorships are always announced with a promise of a lifetime professorship after positive evaluation. The appointment procedures are transparent and quality-assured with the participation of external and international expertise. Tenure-track professors conduct appointment and equipment negotiations and are endowed with all the rights and duties of a professorship. To ensure that the evaluation is transparent, criteria and expectations are specified in an evaluation agreement. A permanent commission for tenure-track procedures (tenure board) develops general criteria for the evaluation agreement and makes recommendations for the design and improvement of the procedures in order to ensure uniform quality standards as well as transparency and procedural security of the evaluations throughout the university.

Tenure-Track-Programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, together with the federal states, has initiated a Programme to promote young scientists. In the first funding phase, the University of Bremen was able to recruit seven tenure track professorships, which will be filled between 2018 and 2020. The Federal Ministry has set up a portal on the tenure track programme. At you will find general information, project profiles of the projects funded and current job advertisements for the tenure track professorships funded by the programme.