Scientific Network: Communication Memory Studies

Principles, fields, and perspectives

Leader: Prof. Dr. Christine Lohmeier und Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold

ZeMKI Labs "Media Society and Digital Practices" and "Transcultural Communication and Memory Studies"

Funded by the German Research Fundation (DFG)

The aim of the scientific network is to explore, systematize, and develop the nascent field of communication memory studies. It elaborates its fundaments in different areas of social sciences and cultural studies, maps its pivotal areas of inquiry as well as its analytical perspectives. The results will be published in a handbook, disseminated through an open access website, presented in an international conference, and translated into the program modules of an international graduate school. Thus, it addresses different disciplinary academic publics and stakeholder groups in public education, museums, and heritage industries. The network fosters the translocal, issue-driven cooperation in order to survey and compare the disparate theoretical and empirical strands of research on cultural memory and social remembering in communication studies. They are critically reviewed, conjointly documented, and further examined as the constitutive elements of the emerging area of communication memory studies. Due to the variety of paradigms and approaches it is necessary to work across disciplines and interact especially with the social sciences and cultural studies as well as to take an international perspective.

Members: Christian Pentzold (Bremen), Christine Lohmeier (Bremen), Elke Grittmann (Magdeburg), Anne Kaun (Stockholm), Judith Lohner (Bochum), Manuel Menke (Augsburg), Anke Offerhaus (Bremen), Dimitri Prandner (Salzburg), Christina Sanko (Bremen), Andreas M. Scheu (Münster), Christian Schwarzenegger (Augsburg), Susanne Wegner (Eichstätt-Ingolstadt), Kaya de Wolff (Tübingen)

Guests: Barbie Zelizer (R Annenberg School for Communication, U of Pennsylvania, USA), Astrid Erll (Goethe-U Frankfurt/M), Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt (Hebrew U Jerusalem, Israel), Jeffrey K. Olick (U of Virginia, USA), Paul Frosh (Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication and Journalism, Hebrew U Jerusalem, Israel), John Durham Peters (Yale U, USA), Michael Meyen (LMU), Jeff Pooley (Muhlenberg College, USA), Joanne Garde-Hansen (Associate Professor, U of Warwick, GB), Emily Keightley (Loughborough U, GB), Anna Reading (King’s College London, GB), Andrew Hoskins (U of Glasgow, GB).

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: Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold
Prof. Dr.

Christian Pentzold