BA Communication and Media Studies

The BA Communication and Media Studies offers a comprehensive basic education addressing theories and methodsof communication and media studies combined with a qualification in media practice carried out in close cooperation with regional companies of the media sector.

Integrated in the studies of six semesters are: a core area of communication and media studies, interdisciplinary elements of study as well as a profiling focus with broad selection alternatives. This allows for a flexible figuration of one's studies according to individual interests and career aspirations. The third year offers two fields of specialization: first, a more research-oriented profile framed by an informed engagement with theoretical and empirical questions of communication and media, including broad possibilities for self-study (priority: media analysis) and second, a practical semester with the option for a BA thesis in the field of media practice (priority: media practice).  

With its double profile the BA Communication and Media Studies qualifies for:

  •  a media practice in the broadest sense, e.g. in different occupational fields of the media sector such as public relations, online and event marketing or multimedia production.

  •  a profound journalistic education within the framework of an adequate master's program or non-academic programs (e.g. journalistic traineeship), as well as

  •  an informed theoretical and empirical engagement with questions of contemporary and historic media change within the framework of a master’s program (e.g. the MA Media Culture) aiming at subsequent research activities within or outside of the university.

The BA Communication and Media Studies was accredited by the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Management Institute ACQUIN on behalf of the Accreditation Council, Foundation for the Accreditation of Courses of Studies in Germany, on March 30, 2012.


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