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YUFE Mobility Award

Please note that currently only applications with a stay ending before the 1st of December 2021 at the latest can be accepted. Furthermore, applications for the year 2022 are not possible.

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Bremen's "YUFE Mobility Award" - Explore the YUFE network

Bremen's "YUFE Mobility Award" provides the opportunity to enlarge your research network by travelling across the YUFE alliance to and from Bremen!

The University of Bremen offers a YUFE Mobility Award for researchers at all career stages to carry out research visits, typically ranging from 1 week to 3 months. Applicants may be doctoral candidates, early career or advanced researchers from all scientific fields. The aim of this programme is to strengthen research collaboration among the YUFE partner universities by enhancing existing research collaborations and by building new research networks.

The award can be granted in the following two categories:

YUFE goes Bremen: Researchers from all YUFE member institutions visiting researchers at the University of Bremen to foster research collaboration.

Bremen goes YUFE: Researchers of the University of Bremen exploring the YUFE network by visiting and collaborating at other YUFE institutions.

The YUFE Mobility Award provides opportunities to

  • work with other YUFE researchers on a research project, publication, or new collaborative activity.
  • promote multi-disciplinary research across the YUFE network.
  • enrich the research and training opportunities for researchers within the YUFE network.
  • build and foster a professional and personal network in the respective scientific field and beyond within the YUFE alliance.
  • exchange of experience and mutual learning among YUFE partners.

Mobility Award:

  • Monthly grant: up to 1500 Euro
  • Grant duration: from 1 week up to 3 months

Deadline: none

There are no central deadlines, as the individual projects can vary greatly over time. However, the complete application documents must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the actual start of the project.

If you are interested in applying, please check the full call below and apply online (link below).

Contact: enkhsaruul.brito@vw.uni-bremen.de 


Due to changing circumstances, it may occur that planned trips have to be postponed or cancelled. This may happen even after funding has been approved.

Please check your national authority, e.g. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regarding an official travel warning to your planned destination, and observe that general work safety standards of the University of Bremen apply for all incoming and outgoing staff.

For more information please visit the webpage: https://www.uni-bremen.de/en/information-on-the-corona-pandemic/faqs/information-for-staff.

We urge you to be alert and to take all possible precautions, but we also encourage you to plan for and to undertake research visits wherever feasible as they are so vital to scientific and personal progress.

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To apply you have to meet the following requirements at the time of application:

  • Being a member of the YUFE network: Applicants must be affiliated with a YUFE institution, either as a doctoral candidate or as a researcher. The call is open to researchers on all career levels (R1-R4: PhD candidate to leading researcher).
  • Invitation by host institution: Applicants need to find a host at a YUFE partner university (outgoing) /University of Bremen (incoming). Important: Applicants must have contacted the host institution with regard to the planned research stay and time frame before submitting their application, as a letter of invitation by the host group leader must be uploaded with the application.

1. Complete the online application form (see below) including:

  • Your profile
  • Your research project
    • Information on the activities you plan during the visit
    • The added value of your visit for home and host university

2. Prepare the following documents for uploading (PDF):

  • CV + list of publications, if applicable
  • Invitation letter from host institution
  • Letter of support in which the home university confirms that the planned research project is endorsed

Please be aware: There are no deadlines, but it is important that all required documents must be complete and submitted at least 4 weeks before the official start of your visit

The goal of the “YUFE Mobility Award” is to enable researchers to get to know the different YUFE universities and to initiate and strengthen research collaboration. Therefore, we are especially interested in:

  • Your profile as a researcher
    • Please describe your career stage and your research interest. We are also interested in the scientific and societal impact of your research (list of publications, presentations at international conferences, description of impact of your research). We highly value publications in open science journals or via green open access and engagement with society (communicating research to the public via blogs, media articles, projects with schools/citizens/stakeholders, forms of societal engagement).
  • Your research project
    • The planned project must be described clearly and must explain the need for the project to be undertaken at the specified YUFE institution. Applicants also must demonstrate the relevance of the proposed project for both receiving and sending institution including project’s potential impact and outcomes on the level of research discipline, involved institutions and community within YUFE, and on the applicant’s professional development level.
    • We are also interested to what extent your research stay may contribute to new research collaborations/strengthen existing research collaborations between Bremen and at least one other YUFE university.
    • We would like to have an overview of the activities you plan during your stay as detailed as possible. Please indicate the purpose of these activities as well.

1. Scope of funding

  • Grantees visiting University of Bremen (Incoming) are eligible to receive reimbursement of accommodation costs for their stay in Bremen. Travel expenses to and from Bremen cannot be reimbursed.
  • Grantees of the University of Bremen (Outgoing) will receive a refund of travel and accommodation expenses. In this case, travel and other statutory guidelines of the University of Bremen apply and the visit has to be accounted for as a business trip with Dezernat 3 (Reisekostenstelle). Note that you can only be reimbursed for costs that emerge directly from the research stay.
  • In both cases (Incoming and Outgoing), the total monthly amount may not exceed 1500 Euro. Original receipts of accommodation and travel expenses must be submitted.

2. Funding conditions

  • Grantees should submit a final report after completion of the research project. The document should include the state and progress of the research project. Please submit the report unrequested with a (confirmation) statement by the host institution.
  • It is also expected that grantees agree with publishing a short story with a photo in the YUFE context.

Enkhsaruul Seixas Brito

YUFE- Young Universities for the Future of Europe

Coordinator -- Staff Journey


Universität Bremen

Referat 12 – Forschung und Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs

Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 7 / SFG 0390

28359 Bremen

E-Mail: enkhsaruul.brito@vw.uni-bremen.de

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YUFE Mobility Award - explore our YUFE partners!

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