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ISATEC-Grading System


The ECTS was developed by the European Commission in order to guarantee the recognition of grades received at different international universities. One term of full time study is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits (accordingly, one year is 60 ECTS credits), that can be obtained by successfully attending courses.

ECTS credits can only be accredited to courses that are part of the regular degree programme. The credits represent the work done for individual courses or a group of courses with the relevant tests, examinations, and projects etc. completed.

The universities themselves assign credits to each course. The grading system differs between universities. In order to make conversions easier, the grading system used in the ISATEC Programme is presented here:

Students of co-operating universities are permitted to attend ECTS-partner universities for part of their studies, after prior consultation with the ECTS co-ordinator. Prior to the departure of the student, the two partner universities and their co-ordinators define within the Learning Agreement, which courses the student should attend. Both co-ordinators should be advised and consulted regarding any changes during the stay. On return to the home-university all transcripts of academic records for the period will be revised and accredited. It is therefore guaranteed that during the students stay abroad all credits earned will be duly awarded.

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