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Here, you will find all necessary information regarding admission criteria, application procedure, forms and dates. At present the number of first semester students is restricted to 20 students and may be re-assessed each year.

In case the number of applicants who meet the requirements according to Article 1 is higher than the number of available places, a ranking order in accordance with Article 3 will be established to allocate university places to potential students.

Several valuable hints can be found at http://www.uni-bremen.de/master

Should there still be questions, please do not hesitate to address the Programme Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, or his assistant Agnes Janßen.

For more see:

Admission regulations (Official version, in German)

Admission regulations: English translation (not legally binding) [PDF] (30 KB)



Deadline for application: April 30.

Start of introductory week 2017: October 9

Start of classes 2017: October 16

For more see:

Class schedule winter term 2017/2018 [PDF] (21 KB)

Admission Criteria & Application Procedure

You might be admitted if you

  • hold a Bachelor’s (B.Sc.) degree in Biology, Physics, Psychology, Computer Science
  • provide evidence of at least 60 CP in one or several of the sciences of previous study such as: Zoology, Human Biology, Biopsychology or Neuropsychology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology or Molecular Biology, Genetics, Statistics/Mathematics, Human Medicine/Clinical Neurology/Neuropsychology, Physics, Chemistry. Please study the complete regulations for admission to the MSc Programme Neurosciences carefully (mainly § 1 (1) a + b).
  • provide proof of your English language proficiency (unless you are a native speaker) test level C1 (e.g. TOEFL/iBT: 90; IELTS: band 6.5, Cambridge EFL: A,B, UNICERT-IIITOEFL/iBT: 90 OR). Note that the C1 language certificate of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is not accepted for this programme!
  • hand in a Letter of Motivation explaining why you chose this programme and what your research interests are. Recommended qualifications are: Basic knowledge and lab experience in biology, physics, medicine or psychology as well as high motivation in understanding complex systems.

In order to apply online please follow the link:


The Selection Board will evaluate the applications according to the following criteria: overall grade of the previous degree (max. 80 points) and Letter of Motivation (max. 20 points). The number of study places is limited to 20 students.

Online applications for the M.Sc. Programme Master of Neurosciences starting each year in October must be submitted before April 30. Applications may already be submitted before the previous study programme (i.e. usually B.Sc.) has been finished, when at least 135 CP have been completed.

Once you have submitted your application, it is not necessary to submit any paper documents to the University of Bremen. You will be requested to submit paper documents only, if your application is successful. In this case, you will receive a Confirmation of Enrollment together with a request to submit additional paper documents. Note that copies of original certificates must be validated. Certificates in other languages than German or English must be translated. Please do not send in original documents!

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