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Praktikum / Bachelorarbeit: Operation and characterization of an anaerobic digestion/cross-flow filtration integrated system

The Research Group Environmental Process Engineering at the University of Bremen (Germany) seeks a candidate for an internship or bachelor thesis in the field of process operation and characterization.

Anaerobic digestion is a bio-process which couples the degradation of organic substrates such as agricultural wastes with the recovery of energy in the form of a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide called “biogas”, but the liquid outstream of the digestor usually needs further treatment to obtain a “clean” water effluent. A possible solution is represented by the utilization of cross-flow filtration, which is a membrane separation process which allows to obtain from an inflow with high solid content, a particle-free liquid phase (permeate) and a concentrated outstream (retentate).

Your tasks

The candidate will take care of the operation of an anaerobic silage fermenter and the analysis of the main process parameters (pH, VFA, COD, TS, etc.). The biogas composition will be analyze through GC, and the intermediate fermentation products will be identify via HPLC analysis.

In a later stage, the digestor will be coupled with a cross-flow filtration unit and the candidate will then characterize the optimal process parameters for the integrated system.

Your profile:

  •   Background in (bio-)chemistry, material science, engineering or other relevant disciplines
  •   Interested in the topic of plant construction and operation.
  •   Laboratory experience is a plus




Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Sven Kerzenmacher - kerzenmacher@uni-bremen.de
Simone Colantoni - simone.colantoni@uni-bremen.de