Julie Lüpkes

: Julie Lüpkes

Gebäude/Raum:  Linzer Straße 4 (LINZ4) 41200
Telefon:  +49 (0) 421 218 67623

E-Mail:  luepkesprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Since August 2022, Julie Lüpkes is a research associate at the Center for Media, Communication and Information Research at the University of Bremen in the Lab "Mediatization and Globalization", where she supervises, among other things, the tutorials in the B.A. introductory module "Introduction to Communication and Media Studies". 

Previously, she graduated with a bachelor's degree (2019) and a master's degree (2022) in media studies at the Technical University and the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig after completing her training as a media management assistant in digital and print media (2013 to 2016). During her studies, Julie Lüpkes received a scholarship from the Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft and was awarded the Braunschweiger Bürgerpreis in 2019 for outstanding student achievements and special social engagement at the TU Braunschweig. In her master's thesis, she researched the significance and curricular integration of Critical Data Studies in undergraduate media studies. 

As a student assistant, she worked from 2019 to 2022 in the BMBF-funded joint research project "Data For and In Education" (DATAFIED) on datafication through educational software at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute and also supported the research projects "Education, Technology and Inequality after Corona" (ETIC) and "Lernkultur im Digitalen Wandel" (LernDiWa) there. 

Research Interests

Critical Digitization, Mediatization and Datafication Research in the Context of School Education.


GfM (Society for Media-Sciences)

KriDiFoSch (Critical Digitization Research in School's Context)


Journal Articles

  1. Lüpkes, J. & Reif, A. (2021): 'Badging the Teacher: An Experimental Study about Gamification Effects on a Sharing Platform for Educational Resources.’ In: ffk Journal Nr. 6, S. 1-19.
  2. Troeger, J., Lüpkes, J. & Bock, A. (i.V.): ‚In Software We (Do Not) Trust‘. In: In Education We Trust - Vertrauen in Bildung und Bildungsmedien. Tagungsband GEI-Jahrestagung 2020. Braunschweig: Georg-Eckert-Institut.
  3. Glaser, T., Lüpkes, J., Raskin, I. Wagner, F. & Braun, L (i.V.): 'Dance with an algorithm – TikTok (um)formatieren'. In: ffk Journal Nr. 8.

Academic Books

  1. Lüpkes, J. (i.V.): 'Fighting Nerds on TikTok: Eine diskursanalytische Begegnung mit den Gebrüdern Green'. In: R. Nohr & T. Glaser (Hrsg.): Die Diskursfigur des Nerds. Medienanalytsiche Annäherungen (Arbeitstitel). Münster: LIT-Verlag.


  1. Lüpkes, J. (2020): 'Badging the Teacher: Wirkung eines Trophäensystems auf das User Engagement innerhalb einer Unterrichtsmaterial-Sharing-Plattform'. Vortrag beim 33. Film- und Fernsehwissenschaftlichen Kolloquium (ffk). 11.03.-13.03.2020, HBK BS.
  2. Troeger, J., Lüpkes, J. & Bock, A. (2020): 'In software we (do not) trust'. Beitrag zur Jahrestagung des GEI zum Thema "Vertrauen", 03.-05.06.2020, GEI (online).
  3. Glaser, T., Lüpkes, J., Raskin, I. Wagner, F. & Braun, L (2022): 'Dance with an algorithm – TikTok (um)formatieren'. Workshop beim 35. ffk. 31.03.-02.04.2022, Filmakademie Wien - Institut für Film und Fernsehen (online).


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